Waterproof Joint Classification

Waterproof Joint Classification

Metal cable water proof joint is also called metal cable gland and metal cable fixing joint.

Material: nickel-plated brass, stainless steel 304

Protection level: with water proof ring. Within the specified bayonet range, it can reach IP68

Thread spec: Metric M, German PG, British G, American NPT

There are many kinds of metal cable water proof joints. While they can be the following types


Brass nickel-plated joint

Brass nickel-plated metal cable waterproof joints can be divided into

1. Ordinary single hole type

2. Ordinary porous type

3. flat-hole type

4. Explosion proof type

5. Magnetic wave shield type

6. Double locking type

7. Metal hose cable water proof joint

8. Plastic hose cable water proof joint


Stainless steel joint

Stainless steel cable water proof joint can be ordinary single-hole type and explosion-proof nylon type. At present, nylon water proof joints are still popular. Besides, many companies still produce them, especially micro workshops. But the quality is quite uneven. A very small number of factories are still work on water proof lines. While many of them only work on the support process. Due to the lack of molds, many small workshops can only produce 2 types of joint. But they are really weak on the market. This kind of workshop belongs to a special supplier. While they only provide service to special clients.

Product Features

Such water proof joint absorbs special claw and ring design. Thus the crimp range is wide. Besides, it has high tensile strength. In addition, it is water and dust proof. It can also resist acid, alcohol and general solvent.