Oil Hose

Oil Hose

Orientflex Supply All Kinds of Oil Hose

As a professional supplier of Oil Hoses, Orientflex produce all kinds of Oil Hoses and fittings, including Nitrile Fuel Hose, Nitrile Petrol Suction Hose, Tank Truck Oil Hose, Dock Oil Transfer Hose, Textile Cover Fuel Hose, Fuel Dispenser Pump Hose, Nitrile Fuel Discharge Hose, Frack Oilfield Fuel Discharge Hose, Fuel Drop Hose, Aircraft Ground Refueling Hose, High Pressure Grease Hose, Lubrication and Grease Hose, Hot Tar Suction Hose, Deliver hose for LPG, LPG Suction and Deliver Hose and so on. We have the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We produce standard Oil Hose and we can also customize according to your requirement.

Oil Hose Products

Your Professional Silicone Hose Supplier In China

  • 10 years experience in foreign trade
  • High quality Oil Hose products
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Competitive price and best service
  • Professional sale and after sale team
  • Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Besides Oil Hose, Orientflex also provide all kinds of Rubber Hoses such as waterblast hose and rubber tank cleaning hose;PVC Hoses such as PVC gas hose and PVC fuel drop hose; Auto Rubber Hose such as oil cooler hose and rubber fuel hose saej30r6; Hydraulic Hose; Oil Gas Hose; Layflat Hose and Special Hose such as steam hose and airless paint spray hose.

    If you need oil hose, silicone and rubber hoses inquire now!

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    Why Choose Orient

    Competitive Price

    The advanced Italy equipment and technology supported by Qingdao University of Science & Technology reduce the production cost, and this makes our products prices lower than other suppliers.

    Professional Sale Team

    OrientFlex have more than 30 sales and some of them have been worked over 10 years. They often go to factory to study products and they know the products well, so they can answer customers' question soon. In another way, they keep in online after work time, so customers can get in touch with our sales at any time if they want.

    Guaranteed Products Quality

    Our Oil Hose product conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. And we have 2 quality inspectors work in factory for long term, they inspect the products from raw material to process, to produce and to test. Each product will be checked in detail before shipping. All these works are to make sure the best quality.

    Business Relationship

    In the past 10 years, Orientflex products have been exported to over 40 countries and we accumulated more than 1300 clients all over the world. Providing high quality products and service is always the purpose of our company. We can provide free samples if you are interested in our products. One-stop service help you saving cost and time. If you need Oil Hose, Orientflex is the unique supplier for you.

    pvc hose packaging


    oil hose packaging

    Raw Materials

    Orientflex import rubber from the best producing areas. These silicone with super steady performance is the highest quality rubber in the world.

    Advanced Equipment and Product Technology

    All braiding machine and spiral machine are 100% servo electronics control, high-accuracy data collection, real-time braiding or spiral angle monitoring and correction.

    Uniform reinforcement fabric by multi-blade slitter, uniform thickness of inner, middle and outer rubber.

    Italy vp automatic production equipment, heavy and uniform wrapping strength, high density, superior adhesive strength between layers.

    Hose Test

    Our factory has strong quality control team, we set up advanced laboratory. Before the mass production, we test each batch of raw material. After the production, we test each hose to guarantee a 100% qualification. Each hose tested at 2 times of working pressure.

    Packaging and Transportation

    1. Delivery date:We have a 35 days delivery cycle for most industrial rubber hose orders,If you request a customized hose or tubing or if you have a large-quantity purchase,the delivery cycle will be extended 10-20 days.

    2. Order-tracking:We send specialized personnel tracking orders after you place an order.

    3. Product packaging:We use PP woven fabric,non-woven fabric,wooden boxes,pallets and other material for packing.We can also customize special packaging according to customer requirements.

    4. Product transportation:Choose your preferred mode of transportation-by sea,railway,air,truck or sea-railway.Products are first shipped to Qiangdao or Tianjin Port,and shipped elsewhere from there.

    oil hose packaging

    OrientFlex Service

    Good reputations from our customers

    Consultation and Answer

    1.Answer customers questions: For any questions you may have about Orientflex, our rubber and plastic hoses, or our services, our sales staff will respond via phone or email in a timely manner with your answer.

    2.Technical guidance: Based on your technical requirements and product usage, we'll help you find the best solutions for your needs.

    3.Product recommendation: With our wide range of rubber and plastic products, we can recommend several options for customers based on their need, environment, quantity, and other considerations. We can also work to provide customized products.

    4.Design drawings: We custom design drawings for products based on your technical requirements.

    5.Calculate the quotation: Before purchasing, we'll send you a quote based on your quantity and materials.

    Oil Hose FAQ

    The oil hose is usually made of nitrile rubber or synthetic rubber. It has superior elasticity, can withstand high temperatures and pressures, can be translucent or come in a variety of bright colors and requires less energy to produce than many synthetic materials.

    1.Strong corrosion resistance.

    2.Has a good static electricity export function.

    3.Good temperature resistance: the oil delivery hose will not be hardened or softened due to changes in climate or operating temperature.

    4.Has good oil and chemical resistance.

    5.Good resistance to positive and negative pressure: the highest working pressure can reach 4.0MPa, and the negative pressure can reach 0.1MPa.

    6.The oil-transport composite hose has good flexibility and can be flexed freely without being restricted by the working space.

    The oil hose can be reinforced with multi plies high tensile synthetic fabric and steel wire spiral.

    The oil hose consists of tube, reinforcement and cover.

    The tube is usually made of synthetic rubber or nitrile rubber.

    The reinforcement could be multi plies high tensile synthetic fibre and steel wire spiral.

    The cover is made of synthetic rubber with smooth or corrugated surface.

    Most of the oil hoses work in the temperature from -32℃ to +100℃. But the Fuel Dispense Pump Hose and High Pressure Grease Hose can work from -40℃ to +121℃, while the Hot Tar & Asphalt Suction Hose can work in a high temperature up to +180℃.

    The common working pressure range is from 150 psi to 400psi. But the Nitrile Petrol Suction Hose can work in a higher pressure to 600 psi. While the High Pressure Grease Hose and Lubrication/Grease Hose can work in super high pressure up to 5800 psi.

    The oil hose is designed to transfer petroleum based products such as diesel, gasoline, lubricants, fuel and other oil. While the Hot Tar & Asphalt Suction Hose is specially designed to convey hot tar and asphalt.

    Tank Truck Oil Hose is specially designed for oil catch can. Frack Oilfield Fuel Discharge Hose is also a good choice.

    Of course not. The oil hose is high oil resistant and it’s specially designed to transfer all kinds of oil. You don’t have to worry about this.

    The nitrile rubber is the best material for fuel. It’s a closed-cell sponge rubber which is super resistant to gasoline, oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid.

    When you find the fuel hose burst, you can’t repair the hose with any tape, glue or sealant. That’s because of the temperature and pressure of the flue flow through the hose. You’d better replace a part of hose or even change a new hose.

    Normally ferrule fitting leak is caused by outer impact. The outer impact will cause the fitting loose or even break the fitting, and then weaken the sealing of the fitting, and cause leaking finally.

    When leaking, you should check the fitting if it lose round; then check the cutting edge if it was broken; then check the hos ends if it was intact. You should also check the nuts compaction degree.

    Through these check, you can confirm where the problem is exactly, and then repair it.

    Insulation of the fuel line can help you to keep the hose cool. Using a heat-reflective material to wrap the fuel line is another way to keep your hose cool.