PVC Hose

PVC Hose

OrientFlex Supply All Kinds of PVC Hose

As a professional supplier of PVC hoses, OrientFlex produce all kinds of PVC hoses and fittings, such as PVC garden hose, PVC suction hose, PVC layflat hose, PVC wine hose, fuel drop hose, PVC air hose and so on. We provide ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard PVC hose and can also customize according to your requirement.

PVC Hose Products

Your Professional PVC Hose Supplier In China

  • 10 years experience in foreign trade
  • 30 production lines for PVC hose
  • High quality PVC hose products
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Competitive price and best service
  • Professional sale and after sale team
  • Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Besides PVC hose, OrientFlex also provide all kinds of rubber hoses, silicone hoses, hydraulic hose, steam hose, chemical hose and food grade hose.

    If you need PVC and rubber hoses, inquire now!

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    Packaging and Transportation

    1. Delivery date:We have a 35 days delivery cycle for most industrial rubber hose orders,If you request a customized hose or tubing or if you have a large-quantity purchase,the delivery cycle will be extended 10-20 days.

    2. Order-tracking:We send specialized personnel tracking orders after you place an order.

    3. Product packaging:We use PP woven fabric,non-woven fabric,wooden boxes,pallets and other material for packing.We can also customize special packaging according to customer requirements.

    4. Product transportation:Choose your preferred mode of transportation-by sea,railway,air,truck or sea-railway.Products are first shipped to Qiangdao or Tianjin Port,and shipped elsewhere from there.

    pvc hose packaging

    PVC Hose FAQ

    PVC is just the abbreviation, the full name is polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride

    PVC hose is widely used in kinds of industries.

    At home, PVC hose can be used to water garden, wash pets and cars, clean, shower and used in swimming pool.

    In industry, PVC hose can be used for water suction and discharge; fire fighting; water, powder and particle transport.

    In agriculture, PVC hose usually used in irrigation system to transfer water, irrigate crops and spray pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer.

    Different PVC hoses have different usages, if you want to learn more, please see the detail of each kind of PVC hose.

    A PVC hose is fine for home garden because braided hose is for high pressure conditions. You don’t have to buy braided hose only for home garden, PVC hose is enough.
    PVC hose can be used in agriculture, industry, mining, transportation and construction, etc.
    The length can be customized according to your requirement.

    PVC hose is used in many applications because it’s very durable. A PVC hose can be used for more than 50 years theoretically. But there are factors to affect the working life.

    First, the environment. If the hose is used in outside, it will be blew and exposure under the ultraviolet. These will reduce its working life.

    Second, installation position. Normally, PVC hose works between 0℃and 70℃ and the temperature in the whole year within it. So it’s refer to position. You’d better install or use the hose away from heat resources like gas stove. In cold winter, you can do some heat preserving work to PVC hose with asbestos, glass fibre or foam. These measures can increase the working life.

    First, PVC hose is cheap and durable. You can use it for even several decades without buy a new one, so you can save money and trouble.

    Second, PVC hose is resistant to weather which means you can use it every time during a whole year.

    Third, PVC hose is resistant to oil, chemical and abrasion, so it’s often used in construction, building and mining.

    Forth, some pf PVC hose is transparent, you can watch the material flowing in the hose obviously.

    Last, PVC hose not conduct electricity, so it’s often use in oil transport like oil tank truck and in high technology applications, such as wire and cable.

    In fact, most of the PVC hose is not suitable for drinking water. It’s true that PVC hose is non toxic, but it can degrade due to high temperature, ultraviolet exposure and extremely high pressure. Degrading will damage the water and make it unsafe to drink the water through the PVC hose.

    We have a kind of hose called PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose can be made of special food grade Material. It is used for convey milk, beer, beverage, distilled liquor, jam and other food. You can drink the water transported through it.

    Yes, you can bend it. But please don’t bend it too sharp and too long, because it will damage the hose and then reduce its working life.
    Normally, the temperature scope is -50℉ to 150℉(-10℃ to 65℃)
    It will not be burned. The ignition point of PVC hose is over 300℃, while the sunlight temperature is fay away from that.

    First, the hose is abrasion resistant itself.

    Second, you’d better use the hose in large bending radius, especially when conveying powders and particles. This can protect the inner hose.

    Last, we have another product Hose Protection Sleeve to protect the hose.

    You can choose PVC Layflat Hose or Rigid PVC Hose
    Generally speaking, rigid PVC hose is more strong and durable, while the flexible PVC hose is more flexible, but not stronger than rigid one.
    There are high strength adhesive between inner tube and cover, so it will not leak.
    Yes, it is. Besides, PVC hose is still resistant to oil, abrasion, ultraviolet and chemicals.

    First you can wear some cloth and foam for PVC hose to keep warm.

    Second, if you use the PVC hose indoor, remember close the windows and doors to reduce the cold air.

    Last, as we know, flowing water will not frozen, so you can keep the faucet opened a little But this will cause water waste, and we don’t suggest this way.