Water Hose

Water Hose

OrientFlex Supply All Kinds of Water Hose

As a professional supplier of water hoses, Orient produce all kinds of Water hoses and fittings, including Water Discharge Hose, Water Suction Hose, Waterblast Hose, Washdown Hose, Pressure Washer Hose, Sewer Cleaning Hose, Sewer Flushing Hose, Sewer Jetting Hose, Ultra High Pressure Hose, Rubber Tank Cleaning Hose, Non-conductive Furnace Hose and so on. We have the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We produce standard Water Hose and we can also customize according to your requirement.

Water Hose Products

Your Professional Water Hose Supplier In China

  • 10 years experience in foreign trade
  • High quality Water hose products
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Competitive price and best service
  • Professional sale and after sale team
  • Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Besides Water Hose, OrientFlex also provide all kinds of Rubber Hoses such as sandblast hose and peristaltic pump hose; PVC Hoses such as pvc fibre hose and pvc steel wire hose; Silicone Hose such as silicone heater hose and silicone elbow hose; Hydraulic Hose; and Special Hose such as steam hose and composite hose.

    If you need PVC and rubber hoses, inquire now!

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    Why Choose Orient

    Competitive Price

    The advanced Italy equipment and technology supported by Qingdao University of Science & Technology reduce the production cost, and this makes our products prices lower than other suppliers.

    Professional Sale Team

    OrientFlex have more than 30 sales and some of them have been worked over 10 years. They often go to factory to study products and they know the products well, so they can answer customers' question soon. In another way, they keep in online after work time, so customers can get in touch with our sales at any time if they want.

    Guaranteed Products Quality

    Our Water hose product conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. And we have 2 quality inspectors work in factory for long term, they inspect the products from raw material to process, to produce and to test. Each product will be checked in detail before shipping. All these works are to make sure the best quality.

    Business Relationship

    In the past 10 years, OrientFlex products have been exported to over 40 countries and we accumulated more than 1300 clients all over the world. Providing high quality products and service is always the purpose of our company. We can provide free samples if you are interested in our products. One-stop service help you saving cost and time. If you need Water Hose, Orient is the unique supplier for you.

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    Water Hose FAQ

    Most of water hose are made of synthetic rubber. They can also be made of SBR and EPDM.

    For water suction hose and water discharge hose, they are used for water discharge and suction and to transfer non corrosive fluids. They can also be used in food processing, industrial cleaning, construction and marine applications.

    For non-conductive furnace door hose, it’s used to convey cooling water to furnace door.

    For washdown hose, it’s used for general clean and hot water washdown.

    For water blast hose, it’s used in water blasting market.

    For pressure washer hose and sewer hose, they are used for cold water washing and high pressure sewer jetting equipment.

    Most of the hosed are used from -30℃ to 80℃. But there are exceptions, for example, the water discharge hose can be used in -40℃ while the pressure washer hose can be used in 120℃.

    Different water hoses have different pressure rating. For water discharge and suction hose, non-conductive furnace door hose and washdown hose, the pressure is from 150psi to 300psi. While the pressure could be reached to 4000 psi for the pressure washer hose and sewer hose.

    The hose is often used to supply water to washing machine and dishwasher.

    Yes, you can use Pressure Washer Hose to clean your car. But you should be careful and not to spray the outside of your car because the pressure is super high, and if you spray on the outside, it may scratch the painting.

    There will be two female fittings on the both ends. And there are 2 threaded male ends that you can connect your hose.

    The hose will take water from a water source (pond, river, lake, pool) and suck it to your pressure washer.

    1.Disconnect the hose on nights when it’s going to freeze.

    2.Let the water drip. But be careful to not overflow your tank. You’d better leave the tank open.

    3.Insulate and use a electric warmer on the hose. This is the best way to keep the temperature stable.

    1.Pressure. When you use the hose under a very very high pressure much more than its standard pressure range, the hose will burst.

    2.Freeze. In a very cold condition, the hose may be freeze, and the water turns from liquid to solid ice, then the volume increased and cause a high pressure. This can cause burst.

    3.Using wrong medium. The water hose is used for water, if you used it for conveying particle or other corrosion medium, it may damage the inner hose and then cause burst.

    1.Wrap the hose with fabric and then sprinkle hot water on the hose. Be aware not to pour boiled water on the hose.

    2.Unload the hose and put steam, hot water or saline into the hose with a smaller size hose. This can melt the ice and dredge the hose.

    3.You can make the hose exposure in the sun. The precondition is that the temperature should be above zero.

    1.Raw material. The quality of raw material affects the product directly. If you use defective materials to produce, the products must be bad quality. No matte how advanced the technology is, the working life will reduced.

    2.Medium. The medium should meet the hose feature. For example, you can use water hose to transfer water, but you can’t use it to transfer acid.

    3.High temperature. Rubber has limited high temperature resistance. If used and stored in high temperature condition for long term, the working life of water hose will be reduced.

    4.Ultraviolet. The high strength ultraviolet will reduce the working life of rubber directly. So you would better not use the hose under the straight sunlight for a long time.

    Yes, you can spray cleaner with a Ultra High Pressure Hose, and then you need to scrape and wipe out whatever gunk is dissolved by the oven cleaner and dispose of it properly. Last, you need to clean the grill with clean water.

    Yes, of course. There are male and female connections, you can connect two or more hoses with them. But make sure the hoses are the same pressure rate.